Ascom helps hospitals optimise hand hygiene workflows and compliance monitoring


Ascom Unite Cleanminder automates hand hygiene mobile alert reminders for caregivers and delivers compliance reporting feedback

Ascom is helping hospitals to improve hand hygiene by delivering an advanced mobile solution that tracks staff compliance to hygiene procedures.

For many hospitals, reducing healthcare associated infections (HCAI) is crucial to improving overall patient safety.

And the ability to monitor hygiene compliance is an important step in reducing the overall risk of patients contracting an HCAI while in the hospital.

With the Ascom Myco smart device, location awareness and Ascom Unite Cleanminder software; hospitals can now deploy an automated monitoring and reporting solution. This provides hospital staff with mobile alert reminders on their Ascom Myco smart device and delivers compliance data for measuring performance trends and improvements.

André Neu, senior vice president of platform solutions at Ascom, said "Hospitals need a way to measure hand hygiene compliance.

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“Using an automated approach with our Ascom Myco smart device and Unite Cleanminder software, we can leverage reminders and measure hand hygiene compliance without the need for manual recording or intervention. This approach embeds the monitoring of hygiene compliance into care processes."