Ascom introduces Digistat Vitals enabling single-entry vitals registration and scoring at the bedside


New application helps eliminate double documentation of vitals, scoring and associated errors

Ascom has announced the launch of a new application called Ascom Digistat Vitals.

The solution on enables bedside single-entry registration of vitals and clinical scores in an Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

With the application, clinicians register vital signs and clinical scores in an Ascom Myco smartphone or selected Android(TM) smartphones while at the patient's bedside. The data is then uploaded to the EMR.

This single-entry registration eliminates double documentation and its associated high frequency of errors, which according to one review of studies is between 4.4% and 15.2% for vitals that are first recorded on paper then transcribed into an EMR.

Paper-based documentation can also result in an average delay of 40 minutes between the initial taking of vitals and scores and their availability in the EMR.

"Errors and omissions in vitals and scores, and their slow availability in EMRs, can compromise patient safety," said Gabriele Unterberger, managing director of Ascom UMS.

"Single-entry registration, combined with automated scoring, helps ensure the correct data are made available sooner in the EMR, providing a solid foundation for appropriate and timely clinical responses."

The new application also offers guided automated calculation and bedside registration of clinical scores such as the Aldrete Score and the UK's National Early Warning Score. The application comes pre-loaded with scoring templates that hospitals can customise to best meet their specific needs and goals.

"The new application underscores the success of the integration between Ascom hardware and software and the Digistat platform of clinical software," added Unterberger.

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"Digistat Vitals is an exciting standalone innovation. But its true value to hospitals lies in its integration with the extensive and growing Ascom healthcare platform of nurse call and mobility solutions."