Bristol Community Health to pilot TotalMobile workflow management solution


Six-month trial of new TotalMobile App Platform

Social enterprise and NHS healthcare provider, Bristol Community Health, will begin a pilot this spring of the TotalMobile App Platform, a mobile workflow management solution that allows healthcare professionals to spend less time on administration and travel and more time with patients.

The provider of NHS-funded community healthcare in Bristol and its surrounding areas will deploy an initial six-month licence for up to 100 staff members selected from four different teams.

The solution will allow healthcare professionals such as community matrons, district nurses, community nurses for older people, and phlebotomists working with mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets the ability to update patient information and record medical tasks at the point of contact.

Bristol Community Health team manager, David Pugh, who manages the phlebotomy service, which will be part of the mobile working pilot, said: “We’re really excited to be part of this pilot and welcome the potential benefits it will give us in terms of improved ways of working and interaction with colleagues in other services.”

The solution draws information from multiple systems to a mobile device, increasing both productivity and quality of care throughout the care pathway while delivering efficiency savings.

The social enterprise will also be able to overcome challenges in connectivity as the solution allows staff to securely log in to the application offline for devices temporarily without a signal, ensuring they are as productive as possible at all times.

There are also a range of security measures in place to not only secure data on mobile devices, but also during transmission to back-office systems, so information such as electronic patient records are never exposed even if a device is stolen.

Chief executive, Julia Clarke, said: “At Bristol Community Health we’re keen to embrace new ways of working which make us more productive and allow us to care for more people. We see mobile working as the ticket to more efficient and flexible community healthcare as it helps eliminate wasted journeys and allows staff to be more responsive.

“We’ve been working closely with TotalMobile to develop a mobile working solution that provides a tailored user-friendly interface with the multiple systems we use while also offering the necessary security for patient data. We now can’t wait to get underway with the trial.”

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Colin Reid, chief executive of TotalMobile, added: “Bristol Community Health has demonstrated it is a very forward-thinking social enterprise by engaging in this pilot, which will confirm the benefits of adopting a mobile working strategy. Our philosophy is to focus on the needs of the user and their processes, mobilising their entire job to ensure they can spend as much time with their patients as possible.”