Framework agreement enables GPs to adopt electronic document management solution


PCTI announces contract for the provision of Docman on the GPSoC Framework

PCTI has announced the signing of a contract for the provision of Docman as a Lot 1 solution on the GPSoC Framework.

Docman GP is a well-established core GP IT system used to receive, process and workflow in excess of 150 million clinical hospital letters sent to GP practices every year. It is used by more than 200,000 clinical and administrative staff, driving significant efficiencies across the NHS.

The GPSoC Framework will centrally fund all of the Docman GP annual software licence and ongoing support for GP practices in England. This includes existing Docman customers and also any new practice which wants to adopt the document management, workflow and practice management solution.

One of the core principals of the GPSoC Framework is interoperability and the contract provides a platform for full interoperability and integration at a data level between all systems and suppliers on the framework. While this will make it much simpler for suppliers to work together and share data, it will guarantee that the NHS can be confident that whatever system GPs choose it will work together with any other GPSoC-system.

Under the contract, PCTI is supplying the full Docman GP solution. The clinical EDM functions provide practices with huge measurable efficiencies and free up valuable time for healthcare professionals and administrative staff.

Docman GP includes innovative action-based workflow (iWorkflow) ensuring practices workflow processes are streamlined and efficient. The advanced clinical content recognition engine (Intellisense) automatically detects patient details, significantly improving summarising as well as the speed and data quality of filing into the patient’s clinical record. In addition, Docman GP provides a comprehensive suite of applications to support core practice management activities (BackOffice) and a new collaboration platform to support both clinical and administrative discussions (Collaborator).

Ric Thompson, managing director of PCTI Solutions, said: “We are delighted that Docman has been recognised as a core GP IT system and now has the licence and support fully funded centrally under the GPSoC contract. I think this is great news for our customers old and new, with ever-decreasing budgets, busy practices can rest assured that critical IT systems will be centrally funded.”

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PCTI is currently working with the GPSoC team to achieve compliance, after which there will be a series of communications to inform practices and CCGs how they can access Docman GP from the framework.