Furniture manufacturer meets mental health need


Contemporary design meets exacting safety standards as Pineapple’s range of secure soft seating grows with compact two-seater sofa

Pineapple Contract Furniture has expanded its seating range, Skye, with the launch of a new two-seater model.

The two-seater Skye offers a contemporary design to enhance any challenging environment, with a commitment to safety and durability.

The angular shape of the product not only lends a refined look to its surroundings; but the flat sides allow several pieces to be lined up without any loss of space.

The tapered base is ergonomically designed to help users stand, by positioning their feet under their centre of gravity. This is further enhanced with the addition of the comfortable, tactile sloping arms.

With fixed seat and back cushioning, the Skye has been designed to reduce stashing opportunities and the solid build down to the floor also reduces the likelihood of weaponisation.

A compact design, with a smaller overall footprint than an average two-seater, Skye allows a greater degree of choice where space is a premium.

The plywood frame carries a reinforced seat platform as standard, with the heavyweight Skye Plus model offering full reinforcement throughout the whole frame for those more-challenging environments.

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