Guide helps plant managers enhance their knowledge of steam


Spirax Sarco unveils The Fundamentals of Steam Quick Start Guide

With so many variables to consider in the planning, management and upgrade of steam boilers, having a solid grounding in the ‘fundamentals of steam’ is advantageous to help facilities managers achieve improved safety and efficiency.

And, now, Spirax Sarco’s boilerhouse national specialist, Chris Coleman, has published the Fundamentals of Steam Quick Start Guide , which aims to offer a helping hand to plant managers to reacquaint themselves with the fundamentals of steam and identify areas of improvement.

The guide identifies key areas when working with the wet side of the boiler, including: how boilers produce steam, the types of boiler used, and the condensate loop.

Additionally, it highlights five key tests that plant managers should consider carrying out.

“By reacquainting yourself with the fundamentals of steam, you as a plant manager can build the requisite knowledge you need to identify areas of improvement within your plant and to boost your efficiency”, said Coleman.

He added: “It is my hope that this guide will serve as a useful reference tool for plant managers, particularly when it comes to that all-important plant upgrade.

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“We could all benefit from a reminder on the fundamentals of steam from time to time. And, if the advice in this guide is followed, plant managers will find that they’ll be a smooth operator in no time”.