Health trusts increase employee app usage by almost 50% since coronavirus crisis hit


Beekeeper communications platform is increasingly helping NHS staff to stay in contact despite the lockdown

Beekeeper, a leading communication platform, has seen a surge in the use of its employee app since the corona crisis hit.

Its app is playing a major role in internal communications during the pandemic, with the health sector increasing use by 48%.

Since the beginning of March, there has been an average of 18% more users per week across all sectors.

The strongest increases were in Italy on February 26, in France and Spain on March 11, in the UK, Switzerland and Germany on March 16, and in the United States on March 18.

Cristian Grossmann, chief executive of Beekeeper, said: “Our evaluation shows that companies all over the world understand the value of digital employee communications platforms, as they need to quickly share information and provide reliable communication channels for their workforce.

“Logistics, hospitals and governments are under particular pressure to ensure that supply chains, the healthcare system, and administration continue to function under these exceptional circumstances.

“And our solution plays a major role in overcoming the current crisis communication challenges.”

He added: “In a crisis situation like this, the need for personnel and up-to-date information in system-relevant areas is highly dynamic. It is, therefore, important that organisations have a clearly-defined communication channel that is suitable for their individual requirements.

"An app for internal communication and collaboration in hospitals, for example, transmits short-term changes in rotas and other important information in real time to the right employees and in a targeted manner.

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"And it does so regardless of where they are currently located - in hospital wards, supermarkets, construction sites, factories or on call at home."