New audit capability to futureproof steam systems


Spirax Sarco launches steam and thermal energy audit to analyse and improve performance

Spirax Sarco has launched a new steam and thermal energy audit.

it enables plant managers to analyse and improve the performance of their complete steam distribution loops, as well as the thermal energy usage of their plants.

“Customers who use our new steam and thermal energy audit service stand to harness the full potential of their steam systems,” said Mathew King, business development manager at Spirax Sarco UK.

“From the boilerhouse to the condensate return system, no stone is left unturned.”

Any team managing a steam system will be keen to discover where extra savings and efficiencies could be hiding, whether that’s in the boiler house or the steam traps.

Each audit will vary depending on the customer’s needs and may include a detailed report on each of these areas, as well as a list of recommended actions, a full steam trap survey, a proposed preventative maintenance schedule, and advice on the ways in which health and safety could be improved.

“Our customers are always looking for the best ways to improve efficiency and productivity in their plants,” said King.

“The problem is, they don’t always have the time or the capacity to be as thorough as they would like.

“Bringing in a specialist allows plant managers to receive, and action, the detailed data they need to meet challenges, such as rising wholesale energy costs and increasing market competitivity, head-on.”

Although the audits can be scaled to meet the needs of the customer, King recommends that plant managers undertake a full audit first, before following up with smaller, targeted audits on a yearly basis.

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“Our customers already have the potential to achieve fantastic results, with some predicted to see energy or cost savings of more than 20%,” he said.