Oxleas trust mobilises community workers


Mobile app solution, MIA, from Isosec means NHS clinicians can reduce unproductive admin and travel time

Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust has been working on providing community-based staff with the ability to access and update clinical records securely, while working remotely.

Geographically, Oxleas covers over 125 sites across the London boroughs of Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich and into Kent, so mobile working is crucial to improving patient care while maximising efficiency and productivity.

The partnership solution between Isosec’s MIA, Servelec’s RiO, and Precise Biometrics’ smartcard reader has allowed the trust to become the first NHS organisation in the country to use the mobile working solution on an iOS platform. This provides safe and secure remote access for clinicians.

The mobile solution reduces the need for clinicians to come into base to gather and update records as they now do this directly on their tablet device.

“My ability to be out and about for most of the day certainly benefits my patients. Rather than having to come back to pick up information, to get addresses or phone numbers, I can be much more responsive”, said Daniel Baptiste, enteral feeding specialist dietician at the trust.

Additional benefits include:

  • Minimising unnecessary travel time and expenses
  • Reducing duplication of administrative tasks
  • Costs recovered from reducing unproductive tasks
  • Maximising data quality by supporting digital working
  • A paper-light service
  • Time gained now spent on patient care
  • Isosec Analytics provides real time usage data to measure success

Oxleas has more than 1,000 users with plans to extend the service provision to several hundred more. This makes Oxleas the first trust in the country to use the partnership solution at scale.

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