Schneider Electric launches ClearSCADA 2017


Software enables greater efficiency in remote asset and critical infrastructure management

  • Schneider Electric launches ClearSCADA 2017 update
  • Software location support, integrated mapping, and active directory user access
  • Ready-to-use telemetry features optimised for managing remote assets spread across geographically-dispersed infrastructure

Schneider Electric has announced the availability of ClearSCADA 2017 with innovative location services and integrated mapping functionalities.

The driving force behind this product upgrade was to enhance insight and control for customers managing geographically-dispersed infrastructure.

Industry 4.0 adoption, coupled with broader economic, political, and environmental developments are rapidly redefining the world, driving a need to better standardise technology adoption, enhance security protocols, and improve predictive analytic capabilities.

These forces are particularly impacting the management of remote assets, critical infrastructure, and operations personnel spread over vast geographical areas.

ClearSCADA 2017 addresses these challenges with intuitive embedded location-based alarming and filtering, overlaid with real-time weather data and GPS mapping.

This functionality provides unprecedented insight into asset performance with sophisticated alarming and graphical interfaces consolidating and transforming real-time process data into business critical information, heralding a new era of control and efficiency in telemetry and remote SCADA applications.

Key features and functionalities of ClearSCADA 2017 include:

  • Location Support: Improvomg clarity of asset position and status via location-based alarming and filtering, with asset locations displayed on integrated maps
  • Integrated Mapping: Facilitates selection of online map sources, ArcGIS map information, and/or Web Map Service (WMS) information, or other GIS, weather and other valuable real-time information
  • Active Directory User Access: Centrally manage ClearSCADA users and permissions through Active Directory (AD) with new user accounts created automatically on logon when using AD Authentication

“We are excited about helping our customers map their way to a more efficient and secure future with ClearSCADA 2017 and continuing to enhance functionality and ease of use, with further mobility and user interface enhancements in upcoming releases”, added Brad Shaw, global product manager of ClearSCADA at Schneider Electric Software.

Early positive feedback highlights market acceptance of improvements related to ClearSCADA 2017’s ease of use and intuitive user interfaces. This market intelligence is based on results from a TechValidate commissioned survey of customers during the pre-launch beta phase of development, held in December 2016.

80% of surveyed customers who evaluated the mapping functionality within the new user interface found it to be easy to use and became familiar with it quickly.

And 72% of surveyed customers who evaluated the new centralised user management functionality found it to be either very straight-forward to adopt, or really helpful in highlighting inconsistencies in their existing configuration.

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