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Schneider Electric launches PowerLogic Toolkit

Schneider Electric has announced the launch of its new desktop software utility, the PowerLogic Toolkit.

A single point of reference for all Schneider Electric’s metering products, the PowerLogic Toolkit application helps specifiers familiarise themselves with metering and monitoring hardware and software in order to suggest the most-suitable products to customers for their individual needs.

PowerLogic technology forms one part of a total energy management solution and the PowerLogic Toolkit helps educate practitioners about managing their energy assets. By investing in energy-measuring devices, problem areas can be identified and actions can be put in place to reduce consumption. Measurement is the first step in reducing fuel bills and carbon emissions.

Key benefits of the PowerLogic Toolkit include:

  • Access details of Schneider Electric metering and monitoring products and solutions on a centralised desktop application
  • The application suggests the most-suitable meters for you based on your specifications and requirements
  • Keep up to date with energy-efficiency resources eg CPD course booking, latest energy and efficiency policy and standards, product launches, case studies, instructional videos and specification sheets
  • Available on any desktop operating system – the app is available on both Windows and MacOS desktop operating system

“At Schneider Electric, we pride ourselves on providing world-class service,” said Poonam Walid, category marketing manager at Schneider Electric.

“We are happy to announce the launch of the PowerLogic Toolkit, a platform that will allow users to make smarter and more eco-conscious decisions about their power usage which will result in time and cost savings across the board.

“It’s vital that all companies work harder to reduce energy costs and increase productivity. However, it takes the right tools and technology to make effective and lasting decisions to reduce utility costs and improve your facilities efficiency.”

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