Single-use cervical biopsy punch and ear drum moulds to be launched by DTR Medical


Company uses Medica event to unveil latest single-use medical devices

Single-use surgical instrument manufacturer, DTR Medical, is preparing to launch its new Cervical Biopsy Punch with Rotation.

The company has worked with leading clinicians to develop the instrument, which has been designed to remove the risks of cross contamination that occur when re-using hard-to-clean instruments on patients undergoing cervical cancer biopsies.

The nylon-based trigger handle and metal jaw were developed using the most advanced materials, techniques and expertise available. The shaft and inner rod - made from stainless steel - actuate the jaw ensuring no movement or flex occurs and enabling a sharp and clean cut.

Andrew Davidson, managing director of DTR Medical, said: “With the sheer volume of cervical biopsies taken every year ¬– around 1.5 million in Europe - this device has huge potential. The combination of its cross contamination-eliminating properties, precision cutting and highly competitive pricing means we are expecting significant interest from healthcare markets from across the globe.”

The company is officially unveiling the product at Medica, the world’s biggest healthcare exhibition. The event takes place in Germany from 14 – 17 November.

At the same show the company will also exhibit its ground-breaking new Formula One-inspired Tympanoplasty Moulds for ear drum damage.

The moulds are made by using a design technique similar to that which is used to create aerodynamic parts for racing cars. The technique creates the perfect mould for an eardrum using a graft of flesh taken from behind the ear. Sign up for your free email newsletter