Sterile single-use solution for paediatric cleft palate surgery


DTR Medical showcases its new Bone Trephine product

DTR Medical will showcase its new Bone Trephine product at MEDICA 2015 - the world’s-largest medical trade fair.

The Bone Trephine, which will be on show during the exhibition in Dusseldorf next month, is used for bone grafting, including taking circular bone graft biopsies for paediatric cleft surgery. This instrument is designed to harvest iliac crest bone from the pelvis for use in alveolar grafting to add bone to the gum ridge in cleft surgery for children.

The sterile, single-use Bone Trephine has equivalent quality of a reusable instrument, but with the advantage of providing first-time sharpness to enable a good harvest to be taken and without the risk of cross contamination.

Designed for use with a T bar and Jacob’s chuck, the Bone Trephine has an 8mm internal diameter with a 9mm barrel depth and an overall length of 49mm, and is supplied in a procedure pack with a scalpel to aid bone removal.

The procedure was reported in the British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and some of the authors have been seeking a sterile single-use alternative for harvesting for some time. As reported use of a Bone Trephine is less traumatic and reduces recovery time compared to other techniques.

Lead collaborators on the project included Professor Peter Ayliffe from Great Ormond Street Hospital and Alistair Cobb from the University of Bristol. Other major centres included Addenbrookes Hospital and University College Hospital London.

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Andrew Davidson, managing director of DTR Medical Ltd, said: “We pride ourselves on providing innovative high-quality single-use solutions like the Bone Trephine, which meet clinical needs without compromising on service.”