TotalMobile App Platform launched into Scottish healthcare market


Solution provides patient information at the point of contact

Scottish healthcare professionals working on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets will now be able to update patient information and record medical tasks at the point of contact with the launch of the TotalMobile Ltd’s management workflow solution, TotalMobile App Platform, into the Scottish market.

The solution draws information from multiple systems to a mobile device to enable users to reduce their time on administrative tasks and travelling, spending more time on patient-related activity. This increases both productivity and quality of care throughout the care pathway while delivering efficiency savings.

The TotalMobile App Platform will support health boards as they address many of the challenges in the new Scottish eHealth Strategy 2011-2017 and the Healthcare Quality Strategy for NHSScotland. It also responds to the issues raised by the fact that more people in Scotland than ever before are now living with long-term conditions - around two million people, or 40% of the population.

Furthermore, health boards will be able to achieve benefits similar to those seen by participants in studies such as the Department of Health’s recent National Mobile Health Worker Project. Benefits included an increase of more than 100% in contact activity and time spent with patients, a reduction of 33% in time spent travelling, and a fall in the number of ‘no access’ visits of up to 50%.

Colin Reid, chief executive of TotalMobile, said: "NHSScotland has recognised the role that technology can play in helping staff to deliver safer, higher quality care more efficiently, with the Scottish government pledging to provide around £80m a year to health boards, allowing them to access and operate the latest technology.

"Providing effective mobile tools for staff – whether in the community or working across multiple locations within hospitals – will be key to delivering both efficiency savings and high-quality care. We think our many years of expertise in supporting public sector mobile workers, including those working in social care, will certainly benefit health boards in Scotland.

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The TotalMobile App Platform overcomes challenges in connectivity by allowing staff to securely login to the application offline for devices temporarily without a signal, ensuring they are as productive as possible. There are also a range of security measures in place to not only secure data on the device, but also during transmission to back-office systems, so information such as electronic patient records are never exposed even if a device is stolen.